Floral hoops 4" blue

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Dry flowers woven into a net fabric on a 4" embroidery hoop. The designs are all unique and feature blues. Only one of each is available.

There are two designs available.

Design 1: blue hydrangea, pink acrolinium buds, poppy seed heads, dry golden grasses

Design 2: blue hydrangea, eucalyptus berries and leaves, blue grasses, yellow helichrysum immortelle, poppy seed heads

Care: To prolong life, keep out of direct sunlight and away from sources of moisture. To avoid dust gathering on the flowers, the best way to display the hoop is inside a deep picture frame behind the glass.

WARNING: The flowers and berries used in these designs might be poisonous if ingested. Keep away from children and pets!

Delivery: Currently ships to UK. Please contact me for enquiries on international shipping.


Image of Floral hoops 4" blue