Hello. I'm Olga Prinku - designer, maker and creator behind flowers on tulle embroidery. My background is in graphic design, but I've always loved making. My journey started with learning how to crochet and knit and the wool products you might have purchased in the past here. Gradually through various experiments and social media platforms like Instagram my path diverged to dry flowers and botanical art. I came to develop a floral embroidery technique using real organic material as my thread which I now have embraced fully and will continue to explore and improve as well as learn and teach my skills.

My work has been featured in a number of books, printed and online publications and on TV:

What Women Create (USA), Sew (UK), Mollie Makes (UK), Detente Jardin (France), Country Living (UK), Flow (Germany), Das Kaufland Magazine (Germany), Flower Ladies (Germany, Verlagsgruqppe Random House), Aesthetica Botanica (China, Sandu Publishing), Silence, Ca Pousse! Creer Sa Deco Nature (Hachette Livre, France), Our Maker Life (USA), Couch (Germany), 25 Beautiful Homes (UK), Maison Creative (France), Town & Country (UK), Homespun (Australia), House Beautiful (UK), 91 Magazine (UK), Trend Welten (Germany), Casa Facile (Italy), Casas de Campo (Spain), Simply Sewing (UK), architecturaldigest.com, marthastewart.com, thisiscolossal.com, designsponge.com, ballpitmag.com, craftcouncil.org, theitalianreve.com, thefashionatlas.com, thesefourwallsblog.com, creativewifeandjoyfulworker.com, sarahkbenning.com/craft-with-conscience, brwnpaperbag.com, ichselbstaendig.strikingly.com

Kirstie's Handmade Christmas (Channel 4, UK), Silence, Ca Pousse! (France 5, France) 

For more day to day work please see my Instagram or YouTube or Pintrest.

Thank you.