Assorted Dry Flowers

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A little black box full of a variety of dry flowers, seed pods and grasses to start you off on your journey into real flower embroidery on tulle. Check the tutorials page if you don't have any experience with my technique yet.

The box contains a variety of sizes of flowers including flower buds. This collection is based on whites, pinks and purples mainly, with a little addition of yellow and red.

Inside you'll find 9 different types of flowers and seed pods: Daisies in two colours, hydrangea, flax seed pods, pressed fern, quaking grass, two type of statice, tiny yellow helichrysum, delphinium seed pods, straw flowers.

The box comes with a couple of sachets of silica gel. Please keep them with the flowers in the box to minimise the flowers absorbing moisture.

Delivery - £3.95 UK delivery. Everywhere else £10.95


Image of Assorted Dry Flowers