Here's a list of questions I get asked a lot. I hope you can find your answer here, if not drop me a line via my contact form:

1. What is this embroidery technique called and where I can find out more about it? 

I usually refer to it as dry flower on tulle embroidery, botanical embroidery or botanical hoop embroidery. Some people call them floral hoops, but I'm hoping to take it beyond the hoop so I guess that's not one of my favourite names for it. I started doing it in 2016 when I created a wreath with fresh flowers on tulle since then I've been experimenting and extending this technique and the best place to learn more about it is either through my tutorials or my Instagram where I try to post regular updates on new work.

2. How are the flowers attached to the fabric? Do you stitch them on?

I use a variety of techniques depending on the situation. It is all described in my tutorials where you can learn more about how I do it and get a chance to try your hand at it. I'm also working on developing a flowers on tulle embroidery academy for people who'd like to gain an in-depth knowledge as well as learn about a range of new ideas and areas of how this aesthetic can be applied.

3. What kind of flowers do you use?

When I started out I used fresh flowers from my garden, now I use exclusively dry flowers, seed pods and grasses. I do not use any artificial or silk flowers in my work at the moment. 

4. Do you dry you flowers yourself and how?

I do both - buy ready dry flowers and I also dry flowers myself, usually the types that are not available to buy. I also forage for seed pods at the end of the season and pick them when they are dry already. I use the silica gel method for drying mine.

5. Where do you buy your flowers from?

A list of suppliers is available in my typography tutorial. But if you search online on etsy.com you should find a variety of sellers too.

6. How come the flowers are so bright and well preserved?

The flowers that I buy dry are preserved because the varieties are very well suited to drying and remain bright even when dry. If you do dry your own you'll find not all flowers are suitable and some will go brown. It's all down to the varieties and not so much down to the drying process used.

7. How long do the flowers last and keep their colour?

It all depends on the conditions they are kept. Exposure to sunshine and moisture is the key factor that will determine the longevity of dry flowers. If the correct conditions are met I think they will keep a very long time.

8. Do you take commissions? How can I buy your work?

I focus on commercial commissions and only occasionally take private ones. But I will announce on my Instagram when I'm open for custom orders and/or I have items available to purchase. 

9. Can I use your dry flower on tulle embroidery and aesthetic in my own country? 

It is great to see that this technique and aesthetic is becoming popular world-wide. And I'm happy to see people learning it and enjoying it for their personal use. But please be so kind as to mention my name as the designer where your original inspiration came from. If you would like to pursue any kind of commercial use for it please get in touch first and we can discuss possibilities. Thank you for your understanding!